Who We Are



We are a Christian community based in the Wilford/Clifton/Silverdale area of Nottingham. We believe in God and follow the teachings of his son, Jesus Christ, that are found in the Bible. God has promised salvation through Jesus and so we want to share this wonderful hope with everyone around us.

We are a non-trinitarian group who believe that the only true way to understand and know God is to look at his word, the Bible: the only true message given entirely by him. The Bible tells us all about God, Jesus, what the future will be like, and how we should live in the present. We have to read it and absorb its message.

Overall, we are part of a larger group of believers known as 'Christadelphians' (meaning brothers and sisters in Christ) with churches based around much of the UK and throughout the whole World. We have two other churches that meet in Nottingham: